Billion Pets - Hemp Oil for Dogs Cats Pets

Billion Pets - Hemp Oil for Dogs Cats Pets

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✅ BILLION PETS Premium Hemp Oil: Highly Potent with the combination of maximum Concentration makes the Billion Pets Hemp Oil best choice for your Fur baby.

✅ Made In USA: Proudly Grown and Produced in the USA in a FDA inspected and GMP certified facility, NON GMO and 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC Product.

✅ Pharmacist Formulated and Veterinarian Recommended: made from Plant Extract and contains vital Flavonoids, Multi-Vitamins (A, D & E), antioxidants, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, trace Minerals, and Phytochemicals for Pets.

✅ Studies shows that Hemp Oil may help reduce anxiety, seizures, inflammation, stress, pain, nausea, gastrointestinal Issues, and skin disorders (such as acne, eczema, rash, dry nose and shedding) in a Pet.

✅ 100% LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: LOVE it or get your MONEY BACK, NO questions asked!

BILLION PET’s 5000mg Organic Hemp Oil
      assist to enhance your pet’s overall health by rejuvenating their livelihood.

Major Benefits of our Hemp Oil:

    • Anxiety and stress relief
      Calms aggressive pet, improves mood and helps relieve anxiety in newly adopted and rehomed dogs and cats

    • Hip and Joint health support
      Improves mobility

    • Pain and Inflammation relief
      The hemp extract acts as a natural pain killer with anti-inflammatory property which relieves swelling, stiffness and strains. Improves mobility and agility

    • GI distress
      Prevents diarrhea, vomiting

    • Seizure Control

    • Skin disorders
      The organic ingredients promote healthier skin. Soothes discomfort from allergies, dermatitis, eczema and rash. Prevents acne, dry nose and shedding

    • Helps with loss of appetite

    • Dietary supplement

Our product is 100% free from additives, preservatives and harmful chemicals

Contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids required for growth, immune function and skin and coat health. Also contains vital flavonoids, antioxidants, multi-vitamins (A, D, E) with other trace minerals

Certified organic product proudly grown and produced in FDA inspected and GMP certified facility

LOVE it or get your money back. NO QUESTIONS asked


Dosage Directions:


      Use directly in pet’s food or put in pet’s mouth.
      For pet:
        less than 20lbs. use 1/4 dropper
        21-49lbs. use 1/2 dropper
        More than 50lbs. use 1 full dropper
        Give 4-6 weeks to see significant results of overall wellness for your pet.